BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook

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Designed for birds with 20+ year lifespan, recording sections equips five caregivers with logging tools. All 260 pages printed on durable 60# paper, 20 professional illustrations, equips up to five caregivers with logging material and forms. The logbook is divided into four primary categories with twelve comprehensive detailed sections which include:

ROUTINE: daily routine, food choices, bathing, sleeping

BEHAVIOR: affection, social interaction, fear triggers, naughty habits

INDIVIDUAL DETAILS: vocalization, games & talents, reproductive stimulants

SURVIVOR: consequences of abuse or neglect

The durable high quality zippered folio, provides ample interior storage compartments for; flash drive(s),CD, photo identification storage (identify markings of individual birds of the same breed) hard-copy medical documents(for cross reference over a span of decades), and more. Bonus items; five transfer / release forms, window sticker, pen, to start logging . As a conscientious caregiver, you daily provide your bird with nutritional food, engaging toys, comfortable living space, most importantly your time and love. Take the next step, create a personal user reference guide for: Avian Vets, caregivers, pet-sitters or family members, in fact, anyone may access instructional information from your logbook to improve your birds future.  

Overall size dimensions: 10" wide x 13-1/4"length x 1-3/4" depth

Available Folio color: Black