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BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook Recording Kit
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BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook Recording Kit

BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook Recording Kit

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Designed for birds with 20+ year lifespan, recording sections equips five caregivers with logging tools. All 260 pages printed on durable 60# paper, 20 professional illustrations, equips up to five caregivers with logging material and forms. The logbook is divided into four primary categories with twelve comprehensive detailed sections which include:

ROUTINE: daily routine, food choices, bathing, sleeping

BEHAVIOR: affection, social interaction, fear triggers, naughty habits

INDIVIDUAL DETAILS: vocalization, games & talents, reproductive stimulants

SURVIVOR: consequences of abuse or neglect

The durable high quality zippered folio, provides ample interior storage compartments for; flash drive(s),CD, photo identification storage (identify markings of individual birds of the same breed) hard-copy medical documents(for cross reference over a span of decades), and more. Bonus items; five transfer / release forms, window sticker, pen, to start logging . As a conscientious caregiver, you daily provide your bird with nutritional food, engaging toys, comfortable living space, most importantly your time and love. Take the next step, create a personal user reference guide for: Avian Vets, caregivers, pet-sitters or family members, in fact, anyone may access instructional information from your logbook to improve your birds future.  (Additional items (props) in photos are for representation only and not included in purchase).

Overall size dimensions: 10" wide x 13-1/4"length x 1-3/4" depth

Available Folio color: Black

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