Q & A with BONZAbird®,LLC.

Why was BONZAbird®,LLC Founded?

Few people are aware of birds/parrots lengthy life expectancy, potently over 70 years. In a companion bird’s lifetime, they will repeatedly change homes. While working with a local rescue I discovered that little information traveled with these birds thought their lives. Tragically the only information that would be regularly received with a bird when they arrived would be their age, if that. I believe that it is essential that the life information of these complex creatures be retained and transferred with them for their entire life. BONZAbird's® product provides the exact solution to this pressing situation. 

What makes BONZAbird® unique in the bird industry?

BONZAbird® does not cater to a parrot’s physical needs with toys or enrichment, but focuses on providing for their emotional heath, by equipping caregivers with a logbook of all their bird’s specific preferences.  With our product, caregivers can log about nutrition, as well as what kinds of toys and enrichment is preferred by their feathered friend, this creates a reference guide for all caregivers to access, thus taking the guessing and complication out of changing homes.

How BONZAbird® helps with re-homing birds?

Re-homing companion birds can be a challenge for both the bird and caregiver; we plan make it a smoother transition for both. BONZAbird® eliminates the confusion of re-homing, by providing a resource for the current caregiver to store detailed information and life details about a bird; this creates a wealth of information for future caregivers to access. Having such detailed information will assist in maintaining that bird’s lifestyle, reducing stress for the bird and eliminating the guess work for the caregiver.

What impact does BONZAbird® make socially?

BONZAbird® has a unique perspective on the social aspect of companion bird care. Due to the unfortunate fact that companion birds will change homes many times, many caregivers will never have the opportunity to have their questions about that bird’s preferences answered. With BONZAbird®, owners can reach into the past by reading a previous caregiver’s notes, either a week or twenty years prior. Although the individuals may not have the opportunity to interact directly, the current caregiver will still be able to look to the past and have their questions answered by the true expert on that bird’s life. BONZAbird® wants to educate individuals that they are not going to be the only person caring for a bird over that bird’s entire life, whether it is a trip to a pet sitter or a permanent home, their BONZAbird® log book will be there to ensure that the bird’s level of care will not waver.

What challenges BONZAbird®?

By far the largest challenge is education. Many individuals are unaware of the importance of keeping records of their bird’s medical information and daily preferences. Record keeping for complex animals is nothing new – zoos and many sanctuaries maintain extensive and detailed records of each animal. As a completely new concept to the private sector, education is starting from square one. Many individuals see themselves as the “Forever home” for their bird, this is simply not the case. Our goal is to reeducate caregivers to understand that when their bird goes to a new home, it is necessary that their information go with them. By reaching out to companion bird clubs, avian veterinarians and providing training to staff members, as well as creating a social media presence, BONZAbird® is slowly making progress, but reeducation is an ever-relevant issue.

How BONZAbird® can make a bigger difference?

With your help! BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook will change the long-term quality of life for any companion bird, with a Folio, caregivers may easily share their knowledge creating a user guide for all who follow.

BONZAbird®, together with caregivers of companion birds- will make a difference, one bird at a time!