Our Purpose

Our Purpose:

We plan to forever change the way companion birds travel from home to re-home and the way caregivers share important information and the medical history about each bird. 

Our Passion:

If caregivers now began documenting information about a bird's life-preferences (no matter the age) and logged everything learned about that specific bird, then pass the information on to the next home, we can improve and maintain a bird's lifestyle and make a difference in every aspect of their lives!  This product, was created not only to help my birds, but as many as possible. Created with the hope of improving the quality of life for companion bird over the course of decades, while providing the necessary tools to equip each caregiver in succession (up to 5).Together, we can make a difference in the life of companion birds, one bird at a time.  M. Vrbka

How it began:

You know the saying,"you can't have just one?"  Well... we have three adopted parrots who claim us as their own: an Amazon, a Macaw and an Umbrella Cockatoo, all three birds have previously lived in multiple homes. Starting out as an adopted bird caregiver, my initial concern was naturally for our own birds. After fostering other birds, however, my concern grew for all birds. I realized just how many birds end up displaced from their original owners or are forced into foster care more than once. A  foster or a re-home caregiver may have little knowledge or understanding about a bird's previous lifestyle, important information from the previous caregiver, about the bird, is lost forever if it is never shared. I wanted this to change, but how? I realized, the only way change would occur, is if we as caregivers document information about the bird in our present care, then when the time arrives- 5, 10 or 20 years from now, we have prepared and the bird is provided a brighter future. The bird will never meet a stranger, but live with caregivers who have the necessary tools, information and confidence to care for a very special bird! We can do this together. We can create a better future for companion birds and it starts with you.