BONZAbird® ~ Parrot Passion


Over many years of world travels, Australian born founder Michelle Vrbka developed a love for all living creatures in her young age, living in a home filled with every animal with a deep passion parrots. When the time came after her home educated children had moved to their own successful careers Michelle found herself looking for a bird to call her own once again. Looking past all the charming baby birds at the breeders and pet stores, she met Kate. Kate, a mature scarlet macaw, was available for adoption from a local rescue Michelle and Kate were a pair from their first hello. Welcoming Kate into the home, Michelle was shocked at the lack of information that accompanied her new friend, even Kate’s age was questioned. Dismayed at this fact, Michelle volunteered at the bird rescue for a number of years and saw the same situation again and again, complex creatures with habits and preferences, whose countless life details would become totally forgotten. Looking to bridge the information gape between owners Michelle, developed the BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook to support the transfer of detail information of re-homed parrots. Michelle’s current flock includes: Kate; 21-year-old Scarlet Macaw, Cracker; 30+ year-old Umbrella Cockatoo, Fido; 24-year-old Double Yellow Headed Amazon, and Ozzy; 25-year-old Military Macaw.


 What is BONZA? 
                  "Bonza" is an Australian slang word for "Excellent."
             Why is the BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook, Necessary?
Parrots have lengthy life expectancy, potently over 70 years, many changing homes several times. Tragically, the the only information that is regularly transferred with a bird is their age, if even known. Being complex creatures, it is essential that their life information be retained in detail and transferred with them for their entire life. The BONZAbird® Folio and Logbook facilitates an organized compendium of an individual parrot’s records from talents to food preferences in an easy-to-use format that will travel with the parrot for the length of their lifespan while assisting caregivers with background information to assist in their continued care. Improving the life of Parrots!