Companion Bird- Record Keeping & Info Sharing Guidebooks! To provide a brighter future for your bird!

"I received my [Log book and Folio] today it exceeds my expectations of what I thought. This beautiful bound Journal so much more than I could have done myself.   Well worth the price.
Absolutely beautiful and necessary.  The content is in depth and completely organized, with every possible detail included. Impressive and well done." 

Suzanne, #1 Caregiver: Isabelle and Bentley, Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Take your birdcare to a higher level by recording information and passing it on when needed!

View how the BONZAbird Folio and Logbook works!

Why is this book important?

BONZAbird focuses on providing for a birds emotional health, by equipping caregivers with a logbook of all their bird’s specific preferences.  With our product, caregivers can log about nutrition, as well as what kinds of toys and enrichment is preferred by their feathered friend, this creates a reference guide for all caregivers to access, thus taking the guessing and complication out of changing homes. Record sharing among caregivers is the future for companion birds.

Veterinarian Recommended

"This logbook leaves me with peace of mind, knowing my bird will be cared for correctly, while easing the learning curve for a new caretaker. If you're a bird lover like me, I highly recommend this logbook."

J. Mueller, #3 Caregiver: for Secret, the Amazon

Everything you need to ensure a brighter future for your bird is right here!

We provide the tools, you provide the knowledge! Simple as that!

You can create a personal legacy for your companion bird.  By starting your bird's user manual, you will equip anyone who needs to provide care for your bird! 

The logbook is comprised of four categories, divided into twelve comprehensive sections which include:

ROUTINEdaily routine, food choices, bathing, sleeping

BEHAVIORaffection, social interaction, fear triggers,naughty habits

INDIVIDUAL DETAILSvocalization, games and talents, reproductive stimulants

SURVIVOR: consequences of abuse or neglect

All contained in a durable high quality folio. Readily available to be referenced as a user guide for your bird!

How everything fits together!

 With the Folio and Logbook information provided by the initial caregiver, anyone following in their path will be able to reinforce positive behaviors, encourage vocal talents, maintain nutritional preferences and continue to promote a familiar lifestyle, just to name a few.

 When a necessary or unexpected lifestyle change occurs for the caregiver, the Folio moves with your bird. The information is used as reference by each caregiver in succession as they add new details and discoveries of their own.

To start, you simply answer questions, fill-in the blanks, add your birds documents to the folio, then pass your BONZAbird™ Folio on with your bird as they travel to their next adventure.

Take the guesswork out of your bird's-care, create your bird user manual and make your bird a BONZAbird™!

"I could share my bird with someone else! I love to tell stories about her...this folio and logbook will help someone else be her Dad."

S. Newcomb aka. Dad, #1 Caregiver: for Annie, the African Grey